3 reasons introverts can be good leaders, Component Properties in Figma, Color tools for design systems, and more…

3 min readJul 8, 2022

Weekly-ish list of curated design inspiration and resources.

3 reasons introverts can be good leaders

Fastcomapny — 3 reasons introverts can be good leaders

“Our society has a narrow idea of what a leader looks like. But some introverts can be especially effective and compassionate leaders.”

Component Properties in Figma

Joey Banks — Figma Component Properties

“At last month’s Config 2022, the Figma team announced a new feature called component properties, which allows for far more instance customization, all while reducing the number of variants that need to exist. It’s the most significant change we’ve seen to what it means to build and maintain components within Figma since the launch of variants in 2020. I’d love to share all that I’ve learned about the feature in this newsletter, including what’s working well, what could be improved, and questions I’m still looking to answer.”

Color tools for design systems

Color tools for design systems

“Leonardo is a one-of-a-kind tool for creating, managing, and sharing accessible color systems for user interface design and data visualization.”

Resources for leading through ongoing ambiguity

Leading through ongoing ambiguity — SF Design Week

“As part of SF Design Week, the Lyft Design team and I put together a talk and hosted a panel about Leading through Ongoing Ambiguity. As we live through incredible ambiguity, how do we bring out the best in ourselves, our teams, and the business? We shared tools on navigating burnout, creating safety, and managing ambiguity in our work. We then facilitated a panel of talented Lyft Design colleagues: Aastha Bhargava, Jess Bullock, Julie Celia, and Rafae…