Effective design critiques, SAFe is for Robots, Tik Tok Manipulation, Mobile First CSS, UX Tweets, and more…

2 min readAug 1, 2022

Weekly-ish list of curated design inspiration and resources.

How We Created More Inclusive and Efficient Design Critiques with Round Robin

“Round Robin is an inclusive feedback method that allows participants to share their perspectives one by one, making their way around the (virtual) table. This method provides two clear advantages.”

UX IRL Ep. 23: SAFe is for Robots

Photo by UX in Real Life — UX IRL Ep. 23: SAFe is for Robots

“In this episode, we talk about SAFe from a UX perspective and why we think it’s best for robots! We’re not fans, but we give pointers if you have to participate. Let us know if you have experience with SAFe, and tell us about your traumas!”

What is a product designer: a primer on the career than can change the world

Product design leverages technology and problem-solving to create positive and long-lasting solutions for user experience shortcomings in the consumer space.

I was on TikTok for 30 days: it is manipulative, addictive, and harmful to privacy

What is behind the extraordinary growth and usage of the app

Mobile-First CSS: Is It Time for a Rethink?

The mobile-first design methodology is great — it focuses on what really matters to the user, it’s well-practiced, and it’s been a common design pattern for years. So developing your CSS mobile-first should also be great, too…right?