Took Amazon Job and bailing after 10 months, Preparing designers for leadership, Dynamic content in Figma, Sony Vision-S Concept Car UX, and more design gems

2 min readJan 6, 2022

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I took a job at Amazon, only to leave after 10 months

“After working at GoDaddy for 5.5 years I was ready to make a change. I was recruited by Amazon to work in their devices org, and after joining learned that specifically I was joining a centralized UX team with in the sales and marketing division within devices. Note: it is a really good thing to understand the org structure you are joining during the interview process, and get information about the goals of the org and how that influences decision making.”

Preparing Designers for Leadership

Design leadership isn’t all design. It’s mostly relationships.

“There’s a significant need in our industry to prepare designers for the actual job of leadership. I hope that we will dramatically improve the quality of incoming leaders and build a future where they deeply understand how design functions and possess the skills necessary to help design be as effective as possible.

We have a responsibility to help designers create and own their plans for professional development that will set them up for success in leadership roles.”

Designing with Dynamic Content in Figma

“Have you ever wished you could populate any design with relevant and fresh content with just a single click? Or cycle through a bottomless repository of relevant content to help visualize your designs in as many contexts imaginable?”

A few lesser-known Figma tips

“At Medium, our design team’s tool of choice is Figma. We use it practically every day, but still get a bit of joy whenever we discover a small, lesser-known feature or tip.”

VISION-S | UX Design (YouTube)

“VISION-S User Experience Design is from digital era. Its interaction design by Sony Design is pursued to be fun and comfortable once you touch it. The fusion of real and virtual continues to explore and evolve the possibilities of a whole new mobility experience.”